November 9, 2012

World Building in LIGHT OF THE MOON

A few days ago the wonderful Ash over on Smash Attack Reads posted an article I wrote for her World Building Wednesday series. This article focuses on the world of LIGHT OF THE MOON and why I wrote it the way I did. I thought I'd share a little of that here.

"For LIGHT OF THE MOON I actually reflected on two very different worlds. One that already exists, and one that doesn’t. First, we have the real setting of Lakewood Hollow, Colorado. Although the town itself does not exist, it is based on the life of many smalls towns within the mountain communities of Colorado. Everyone knows everyone. Life moves a bit slower. The world is just a tad darker when it rains. Second, we have the world of the Order, the secret magical community hiding deep within the Rocky Mountains. This world is entirely unreal, and so I made sure to ground it in moments that were. To create the world of the Order and make it believable, I invented legends that allowed for a dark and deep history behind the Order. I’m a firm believer that a thing is much easier to believe when you have a history to look back on. To create a great world, you have to think of it as an entire world!"

What I wanted to do in LIGHT OF THE MOON was this: I wanted to create a world that felt as real as the one we already live in, but I wanted that world to be completely magical. I also wanted to stray away from only describing things, and leave the world investigation to my characters. It's through Calum's eyes that you're introduced to Lakewood Hollow, and it's through Kate's that you first see the magical and dangerous world of the Order.

"Kate is a Warrior, or a protector, for enchanters in the Order, and so she would have lived in their company for years. Because she has such a history with them, Kate was truly a key player in making the world of the Order real to not only Calum, but to the reader as well. She describes past events easily and knows more about the Order than anyone. It is through her eyes that we are introduced to the magic in LIGHT OF THE MOON."

 LIGHT OF THE MOON is a story about dark magic and dangerous curses. It's a story grounded in love as well as the hope that makes love possible. The world of the story provides the backdrop for this all, so I wanted to make sure it was a world filled with secrets and life, enchantments and spells. The world, in fact, is just as magical as the characters themselves.

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