November 7, 2012

LIGHT OF THE MOON Official Music Trailer (featuring The First Impression)

For the Official Light of the Moon Music Trailer, I teamed up with the awesome guys from The First Impression. The First Impression is a local Michigan band that I came across a while ago. When I first heard them, I new I wanted to feature them in some way. They're really good, you guys. Really good. Here is my book trailer featuring The First Impression's "Nothing To Say" from their debut EP "Aimless Affection."

The First Impression is:

Tyler Bieth - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Chris Armstrong - Drums
Anthony Garska - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals
Shawn Garska - Bass

"We are The First Impression, we're a new, local band that brings light to the small town of Port Huron, Michigan. We formed the band in summer of 2009, but didn't start getting serious until summer of 2011 by recording original material at the Wall of Sound Studios, and searching for more gigs to play at. Although we are all still in highschool, we've been getting opportunities to play at venues a
nd good feedback on our original compilations. Our first EP - Aimless Affection, will hopefully be released in mid-February which will be our first official album. We really hope this album will take us to bigger and better places for our music careers. The goal of The First Impression is not to make big money and fame, but to touch the hearts of fans with our music and to make a living off of what we love doing, writing music. We all love when our fans interact with us and share their thoughts and feelings about our music. Our fans are the ones that inspire us and motivate the big aspirations we have for our futures in life. We wish to keep all of our fans close and admire their support towards us because they will be the ones that will watch us grow and become better musicians for they were the ones that started us off from the very beginning."

These guys just released their EP "Aimless Affection" and it is awesome. I used the song "Nothing To Say" from the EP in the LIGHT OF THE MOON book trailer. Check the songs out on iTunes HERE.


(Legend of the Dreamer, Book 1)

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