September 30, 2015

On love...

Like the best books, some of us are a little harder to read than others. But that doesn't mean we don't have the best stories. Sometimes, stories that take a while to understand, to develop, to lighten, are the ones most beautiful. Stories with words that fall a little differently than normal are ones that deserve a second thought; the words on the page are not the only words in the story. Books like that, people like that, are worth it. Because those are the books and people that will stay with you forever. If you let them. If you try. And some of us have to try harder than others. But someday, someone will understand you. Someday, someone will read the words you say and know the ones you don't. That's the best plot twist.

September 8, 2015

Kerrytown BookFest

This Sunday, the 13th, I'll be part of an awesome author panel discussing the goods and the bads of Social Media. Come say hi! It'll be an awesome day filled with books and BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS! And lots of cool authors hanging out.