November 28, 2012

LIGHT OF THE MOON: Teaser Excerpt (Also, a conversation with myself)

People ask me if they can read my book. 

"Sure," I always say. "That'd be awesome."

"But what is it about?" they ask.

So I say, "A boy. A girl. A curse as dark as destiny."

They ponder this, and then ask, "But what's it like?"

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I mean," they say, "what's it like?"

"Light of the Moon isn't really like any other books I've read," I tell them. "There are elements of the paranormal, but not ones we've really seen before. There's the fact that this boy, Calum, has powers he doesn't know about. The stars above are much more than what they seem, and are the true paranormal elements in the story. There's the fact that this girl, Kate, has secrets she doesn't know about. And then there are the Orieno, who run through dreams sucking people's souls, and the Order, who enchant the earth with their elemental magic. The story is full of hope, but it's also very dark at times. There is love. There is evil. There is good."

"Oh," they say.

"Yup," I say. 

And then, "But would I like it?"

I say, "Do you like magic?"

They ask, "Like Harry Potter?"

I shake my head. "More like X-men. Controlling fire and water and wind."

They nod. "Yeah!"

I ask, "Do you like danger and romance?"

"What kind of romance?"

I say, "The kind that you don't see coming. The kind that's quiet and loud, the same. The kind that builds and builds and explodes into something unstoppable."

"Yes," they say. "Yes."

"Do you like secrets?" I ask.

They pause. "What kind of secrets?"

"Dangerous ones," I say.

"Yes! The more danger the better."

"I agree," I admit.

And then, "But do you think I would like it if I read it?"


Amazon has this amazing feature called Look Inside which gives any reader (even if you don't own a Kindle or any kind of e-reader - all you need if your computer) the chance to look inside the book you want to read. All you need to do is click the picture of the cover next to the title near the top (where it says "click to look inside"). Most often, Amazon will allow you to read the first 30 or so pages. The first few chapters of Light of the Moon are on Amazon via the Look Inside feature. If you click the Kindle version for the Look Inside feature, you can actually read up to where Kate comes into the story. Plus you're able to see the front and back covers in a bigger format! Check it out if you haven't read the book yet! Maybe it's something you (or someone you know during the Holiday season) would like.
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