November 15, 2012

A Secret Beneath LIGHT OF THE MOON

Throughout LIGHT OF THE MOON, I've hidden secrets. You'll see these more in the paperback version because it has exclusive fonts and extras. For instance, during a scene between Calum and Kate in the middle of the book, Kate thinks this:

"Still, the spider spun lie after lie between us:

                                                              You and I are more than this.
                                   I know what you are.
                                                                     I believe everything will be okay.
                                                       It is safe here.
                                   Everything will be better in time.
                                 I don't want to be with you or against you.
                                                               I am happy alone.
                                                      I am me.
                                          I am not afraid of endings."

In LIGHT OF THE MOON I explore different forms of writing styles. I strikethrough words a character thinks to give emphasis to their thoughts. Like you see above (if Blogger didn't mess up the screen), I use structure to play with words until they mean three things at once. If you look below the surface of the quote above, you'll find this:

You are safe with me.
I believe in happy endings.

This section of the novel explores the conflicting ideas between what Kate wants and what she needs. Even she may not not right away what is best for her, even though she thinks she does. And, really, isn't that true for all of us? Sometimes we need people to help us understand what we truly want. For Kate, that person is Calum.

Paperback edition includes exclusive extras.

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