October 12, 2012


There are so many songs that proved to be inspiring to me while writing LIGHT OF THE MOON, but I thought it would be cool to share a few of the more important ones. These are songs that really made a difference, helped shaped scenes, improved characters, and helped me write. They got characters out of trouble, and into it. I really enjoy writing moods versus writing characters (I'll be posting about that later) and these songs helped create the world of LIGHT OF THE MOON.

Calum - "All around me the world was changing."
One Republic - "Too Easy"

Calum - "In this nightmare, even the stars were trapped."
Bon Iver - "Woods"

Calum - "You're beautiful."
SafetySuit - "Anywhere But Here"

Calum - "I was afraid to die, and so I couldn't be afraid to live."
The Cab - "Living Louder"


  1. WOW. Firstly, thank you for introducing me to new music. Secondly, I love that music was important in your writing process. It really does help with expressing emotions. The One Republic song sent CHILLS down my spine. Hauntingly beautiful. I need to listen to more Safety Suit. A fellow blogger is an insane fan of theirs. I really loved the song. So passionate. :)

    These songs made my day brighter. Thank you!

    1. So glad you enjoyed them! I hope they conveyed the mood I was trying to set for the book itself (and when you read it I hope you feel it as well). I'll be posting more songs and extras soon, so check back. =)

  2. I would be that fellow blogger who's an insane fan of SafetySuit! haha You have amazing taste in music. Seriously. Really great picks here & I can totally understand why they'd inspire you to write.