October 1, 2012


Morning All,

As I'm gearing up to publish my first novel, LIGHT OF THE MOON, I thought I'd do a quick info-bomb to better explain what it's about and the process in which I'll take to get it to you guys. So. Here we go.

1) What is LIGHT OF THE MOON about?
LOTM is about a boy and a girl and a curse. Taking place in the sleepy town of Lakewood Hollow, CO, this is the story of Calum Wade and his journey toward his destiny as, well, THAT part is a secret. I will tell you that there is a lot of magic, blood, curses, romance, witches, and crazy things in this book. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the constellations were real people? Or what it would be like to have super powers like an X-men? This is that kind of story. Heavy on the romance.

2) So, it's like what? TWILIGHT?
Neg. A. Tive. Although there is a lot of romance in LOTM, it's more along the lines of Maggie Stiefvater's SHIVER, or Courtney Allison Moulton's ANGELFIRE. I've described it as a romantic version of X-men, which is true especially near the end. There are no vampires or werewolves in my story, but there is a hefty dose of the paranormal. So, if you did like TWILIGHT, or novels that have a little romance and a little paranormal, LOTM is certainly for you. 

3) Who can read LOTM?
It's a YA (Young Adult) novel geared toward ages 12 and up, but it's a story for the masses. Although it is a fantasy, it reads a lot like a contemporary novel. If you're hesitant about picking up a sci-fi novel, don't worry! LOTM is a fast-paced read with paranormal elements, but can be enjoyed by all.

4) When will LOTM be out?
I'm hoping to have it out by late October/early November. Right now, I'm working with the cover designer to create the best cover possible, and after that it will be a short time before I can publish it. 

5) Anything else?
I have a short story in the same universe as LOTM that will be out early 2013, the sequel to LOTM which will be out Summer/Fall 2013, and a completely different novel that will be out sometime next year. More on that later.

6) Where will I be able to buy LOTM?
It will be available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to start. More on that later as well.

I'll have a more in depth post about this in the near future. For now, I just want to spread the word! 

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