October 16, 2012

The Little Things

This morning started off like any other. I made coffee. Put on a hoodie. Texted friends about how cold I was. Edited. Drank more coffee. Edited. Replied to emails. Edited. But then I saw this:

The lovely and lyrical Victoria Schwab, author of the wonderful THE NEAR WITCH, talks about one small moment that made a giant impact on her life. She talks about how this moment, even though it was so small, impacted her so greatly that there are almost no words to describe it. How she values the small things in life, because those small details are what makes life worth living. How life is made of small moments with big impacts. Or maybe, small moments compared to our very large lives. Either way, she reflects on one moment that changed her, and that made me smile. Made me think of small moments that had affected me lately. And so, it comes to this:

Thank you.

Specifically, thank you book bloggers, fellow authors, and friends, that have been so supportive these past few months. I know this is corny and slightly mushy-mushy, but the kindness you have all shown me has been touching. Every single day I am impressed by the professionalism of you all, and thrilled with your hilarity. Book bloggers especially - You all have blown me away with your supportive attitudes. The magnitude of work you all put into your blogs is incredible.

So, simply - Thank you. 


  1. Woot. It's a reciprocal thing, yo. :)

  2. Book bloggers rule! I felt this exact same way when Zombies Don't Cry first came out. Of all the anticipation and careful planning and how I imagined things going before/during/after its release, I could never have imagined the postiive, powerful and SUPPORTIVE response of YA book bloggers who held my hand, tweeted or shared encouragement, gave me advice, schooled me and supported me (and still do). I don't know if it's just a YA thing, but to this day I can honestly say that I am "friends" with pretty much 99% of the bloggers I reached out to on behalf of ZDC, and we're two years on and counting! Well said post and I couldn't agree more... #attitudeofgratitudeismandatory