September 1, 2014

10 Facts about Between the Stars and Sky

10 Facts about Between the Stars and Sky

1) The town of Huntington is fictional. But slightly Gilmore Girls-ish.

2) The main character, Jackson Grant, has a best friend named Miles. 

3) Miles and his boyfriend, Sean, are featured in a novella at the end of Between the Stars and Sky.

4) Sarah Blake's father is a jerk. 

5) There is a woman in Huntington named Mrs. Porter. Who is crazy. She has slept with every single mayor of the last decade. Awkward.

6) Jackson wears boxers. And, according to Mrs. Porter, has nice arms. *

7) Sarah is an artist. She destroys every piece of art she creates.

8) Jackson tells stories. Some of them are true. Some are not.

9) Jackson introduced Miles and Sean.

10) Between the Stars and Sky is a love story. And it's not.

* see. 

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