July 13, 2013

Thank You

A quick thank you.

Thank you to all the book bloggers, authors, and readers who participated in the Shades of the Stars blog tour. The free promotion was a success, the interviews wonderfully written, and everything else better than I could have hoped for. A very, very special thanks to Dani Morales of Crazy Book Chicks for organizing the tour. Dani, you have my highest recommendation. Amazing work. 

Blogging is hard work, and I'm not sure how you all manage it so often and do it so well. On top of reading so many books, being included in so many tours, and conducting so many interviews as well as having personal lives, creating actual posts seems like the easy part. But it's not (I struggle with them all the time), and I am always blown away by the wonderful posts you all come up with. Bloggers are very impressive people. So, color me impressed and very, very thankful. I love your support, and those of you (and there are a lot) who strive to write positive and well-written reviews even more so. Positive language is very important to me. Especially in this outstanding literature community, I think it's incredibly important that we use positive language to discuss the good and the bad. So, thank you. And seriously, I feel like a broken record, but thank you again. Bloggers and readers, you are awesome. Blog tours could not exist without you.


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