May 21, 2013

Shades of the Stars synopsis and secrets

Shades of the Stars is a Legend of the Dreamer anthology. 

 "Includes The Witch's Curse, The Warrior's Code, and an exclusive novella called The Enchanter's Fire. Playlists, essays on the magical world of the Order, deleted scenes from Light of the Moon and an author interview are also included. And a special look at the sequel, Shadow of the Sun

 In The Enchanter's Fire, Lily Woods is a girl on fire. Literally. Her element burns as fierce as her heart, and very few enchanters want to get close to a girl with such radiant power. None except for Shane Spencer, a boy as calm and cool as his icy element. But fire and ice don't mix, and the element Lily burns inside her is growing stronger. Unstoppable. Soon, Lily's fire may be the end of them all. Taking place during the final, pulse-pounding moments of Light of the Moon, The Enchanter's Fire burns with action and romance."

Note: As an author, I'm a big fan of connecting the dots and hiding secrets in layers within my stories. We actually see Lily in Light of the Moon, and will see her even more in the sequel, Shadow of the Sun. Lily plays a HUGE role in the events that happen in the sequel. Her story is taken from this quote of Calum's:

“I saw a woman in red, her hair like embers burning, 
 touch her hand to a cold lantern and light the flame with a snap of her fingers.” 
Light of the Moon - Legend of the Dreamer, Book 1

Shades of the Stars is on sale July 2nd!

And get ready for the exclusive 
Shades of the Stars Playlist/Cover Reveal Tour 
coming June 3-7!

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