May 1, 2013

Birthday Warrior Teaser!

Seeing as today is my birthday and I'm eating all kinds of cake and ice cream and being completely healthy about it the level of coffee I'm drinking, I thought I'd give you all a The Warrior's Code teaser! The Warrior's Code (out 5/14/13) is a novella written from Zack's POV and is set just before the time he and Kate are to become Warrior's. This story is very action-based, though there are a lot of heavier issues at play. Zack struggles with finding a home, a family, especially one that will accept every little thing about him. This story is Zack's past, and you will see his future in Shadow of the Sun (late 2013). And, like you'll see, there's a lot more to Zack's past than happy memories. The Warrior's Code shows what it's like to have a happy ending be your happy beginning. 

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