August 18, 2013

Character Interview from Light of the Moon

Check it out!

Over on Michelle Nicole's blog you'll find a character interview with Calum Wade from Light of the Moon. In it, Calum confesses his love for Kate as well as his favorite thing about her. He also talks about what his biggest regret is and what he would like to do in this future. Also, favorite color.


MN: What are the top three qualities (physical or not) that you look for in a significant other? 

CW: In Kate, I love her courage, strength, and loyalty. I love how she makes me feel. And I know, more than anything, that Kate is a girl stronger than I am, and I love that about her.

Read the full interview HERE. And be sure to check out Michelle Nicole's blog next week for your chance to NAME A CHARACTER IN SHADOW OF THE SUN, the sequel to Light of the Moon.

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