June 3, 2013

Shades of the Stars Playlist Tour!

It's here! I can finally reveal the cover for Shades of the Stars, the Legend of the Dreamer anthology that includes the stories The Witch's Curse, The Warrior's Code, and an exclusive story called The Enchanter's Fire! Shades of the Stars will also include book playlists, deleted scenes from Light of the Moon, and a special preview at Shadow of the Sun, the sequel to Light of the Moon! I LOVE this cover. It's possible my favorite out of all the ones in the series so far. I love how the couple on the cover is literally shaded over so that they almost blend with the night. Because Shades of the Stars is a collection of different stories from different characters, I think the cover fits perfectly - the couple could be anyone! And remember, you can read Shades of the Stars before of after reading Light of the Moon (Book 1), though with all the special exclusives in the anthology, you might want to get both! 

Shades of the Stars will be out in paperback on July 2, 2013!

Check out each stop on the Shades of the Stars Playlist Tour to see both the cover and an exclusive song on every stop! Each stop will feature a video/song from a playlist featured in Shades of the Stars. Make sure you check out each one to find out all the cool Shades of the Stars stuff! 

 June 3 
Life Between The Pages http://lifebetweenthepages.com/ 

 June 4
Books Forget Me Knot http://emzsnow.wordpress.com/ 
Book Nerds Anonymous  http://avasmith.org

June 5 
Kate Tilton (Froze8) http://katetilton.com 
Paperbook Princess www.paperbookprincess.com 

June 6 

June 7 
My Words Are My Voice http://desireedeorto.blogspot.com/ 

A huge thanks to all who participated in the tour! Honestly, it means so much that I have so much support. I could not do this without you, Readers. Make sure to check out each stop!

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