July 9, 2012

All The Small Things


Such a small word, yet so vast in meaning. And, while thinking about that word this morning, I came to realize this: When thinking about love in terms of specific relationships (friends, lovers, whoever), it's really about the small things versus the large things.

I did a bad thing guys. I thought about love in a negative way.

I thought this: What is bad about it? What makes us unhappy?

And then I realized that thinking like that, the way I do sometimes, is not bad at all. In fact, it's excellent. It's fantastic. It's the way I should be thinking. Thinking about love, or any kind of relationship, in terms of the good and the bad is a great thing because you are able to see the different sides of it. Furthermore, I've learned that if we ignore any side of anything it never ends well. Better to look at the entire picture from every angle than ignore one.

Anyway. Back to this: Small versus Large.

Why are so many of us good at the bigger things in life, and less-good at the smaller things? We are willing to do the big things: get married, have kids, buy things, go to events. But when it comes to the little things like talking about feelings, or being polite about certain things, or remembering the small stuff, we forget how.

And guys, this just in: Most times the smaller things in the relationship are the things that matter most.

So, why?

I don't know. But I do know this: It's good to think, even if you might not know what you're thinking about. It's good to love, even if you don't know if it'll last. And it's good to talk in circles sometimes; It helps you make your way back to where you wanted to be.

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